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What is IBP index

Comparative chart of IBP values

The IBP index is an automatic valuation system that scores the hardness of a mountain bike, road bike, hiking or running trail.

This index is very useful to know the difficulty of different trails by comparing them.

It is very important not to confuse the difficulty of a trail with the effort that will take us to realize it: an IBP index of 60 will be a very hard trail for a debutant, normal for someone with a medium preparation and very easy for a professional. (see comparative chart)


  Suffering or efforts of a trail = fitness + race pace + climatologic conditions + IBP  


How is it calcutated?

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• The index is obtained by analyzing the latitude, longitude and height data registered by a GPS device. The distances done in the different sections of ups and downs (1%, 2%,3%,4%,etc..), the total ascended and descended meters, average ratios of climb and descend, the mileage of height and the ramps’ distribution are taken into account.

• Applying a standardized mathematic formula you obtain a punctuation between 0 and infinite. This punctuation is 100% objective because it doesn’t take into account subjective values such as climatology, the fitness or the race pace.

• The system detects automatically how the trail has been made. Therefore, the difficulty index that is going to be obtained will be followed by the following abbreviations: BYC for cycling trails, HKG for hiking trails and RNG for running trails.

• It is also possible to obtain de IBP index of a trail drawn in a map manually, as long as the trail points contain the height. In this case the index will be followed by the abbreviations DRW. However, the index obtained this way won’t have the same reliability, due to the precision mistakes when marking the points or altitude mesh’s mistakes.

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Example: or simply: 289779741

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What is IBP fit?

IBP fit is a percentual ranking that indicates your fitness compared to others

Do you want to know your Fitness and compare it with others?

IBP fit satisfies the curiosity everyone has to know his fitness, and the need to compare themselves to others. Any cyclist, whether mountain or road, can know online, automatically and instantly, his fitness by analyzing the route that he has just made through IBP fit ranking.

IBP fit ranking is a value from 1 to 100 that indicates your percentual position with others, being “1” the best and “100” the worst.

IBP fit compares your results with more than a million routes from all around the world, this data base grows and it is updated automatically.

Example: if the ranking obtained in a route is “23” it means that 22% of cyclists have gone faster than you in routes with equivalent conditions to yours, meanwhile the 77% left have gone slower.

como se_obtiene_el_IBPfit_eng_

The equivalence of the routes is established with three values to ensure equality in the comparison:

- IBP difficulty
- accumulated ascent
- total distance

IBP fit allows you to compare yourself with your friends or cyclist from all around the world.

If you use to analyze your routes, you could see and control your progress.

IBP services

Do you want to use the IBP algorithm to improve your web or blog?

If you have a cycling, hiking or running web or blog, you can insert our gadget and any user could know from your site the IBP index and the complete analysis of his route.

Examples of analyzer in your web or blog
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Do you want to use the IBP algorithm to improve your application, mobile app or GPS device? 

If you want to automate getting IBP index to insert it in the routes on your web, desktop applications, mobile apps or GPS devices, we provide you the appropriate codes in each case.

Example of integration in desktop application, smartphone or GPS device

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