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IBP fit is available for cycling trails

IBP fit is a percentual ranking that indicates your fitness compared to others

Do you want to know your Fitness and compare it with others?

IBP fit satisfies the curiosity everyone has to know his fitness, and the need to compare themselves to others. Any cyclist, whether mountain or road, can know online, automatically and instantly, his fitness by analyzing the route that he has just made through IBP fit ranking.

IBP fit ranking is a value from 1 to 100 that indicates your percentual position with others, being “1” the best and “100” the worst.

IBP fit compares your results with more than a million routes from all around the world, this data base grows and is updated automatically.

Example: if the ranking obtained in a route is “23” it means that 22% of cyclists have gone faster than you in routes with equivalent conditions to yours, meanwhile the 77% left have gone slower.

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The equivalence of the routes is established with three values to ensure equality in the comparison:

- IBP index difficulty
- accumulated ascent
- total distance

IBP fit allows to compare yourself with your friends or cyclist from all around the world.

If you use to analyze your routes, you could see and control your progress.



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